Echo Location, Forest City Gallery, London, ON, April 27 - June 7, 2018

Exhibition text by Rachel Crummey

Project description: Echo Location explores the role of symbolism, painting, and installation as a conduit for allegory, lore, and communication through confrontations between naturalism and supernaturalism. The exhibition considers liminal spaces and creatures as a channel for fragmented communication.

These augmentations suggest a transformation of Forest City Gallery into an inhabited liminal zone that uses movement, gesture, colour, and light to imbue a viewing experience that is mystical and enchanted. This transmutation from gallery to grotto welcomes a meditative reflection on symbol, gesture, and communication.

Laura Findlay overlays process and symbol in the reproduction of images sourced from the internet, library books, newspapers and magazines. Their disconnected origins speak of fragmentary information interconnected through gestural reproduction and arrangement. She use additive and destructive gestures as a method of communicating the subjective dimensions of my imagery in an effort to engage viewers in the act of creation in response to a moment from history. Paint is scraped, wiped, thinned, smeared and pushed to produce imagery that utilize the reciprocity of material histories in the final surface.